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  • Paddy O’Punk #88


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    sor g
    Radiots-Out Of Prison
    BlunderBuster-I Play In A Kick Ass Celtic Punk Rock Band
    Across The Border-The Boxer
    Black Bones-The Rattling Bones Of Gill Mc Gee
    Blaggard-As I Roved Out Of Shit Town
    Robyn Hitchcock-Sam’s Gone Away
    Michael Stipe And Courtney Love-Rio Grande
    Boggin Leprechaun-My City Burns
    Brine & Bastards-Beneath The Waves
    Cropdusters-Gold Against The Soul
    The Dreadnoughts-Antarctica
    Face To Face-Fight or flight
    Dropkick Murphys-21 Guitar Salute
    The Go Set-Scots Wha’ Ha’e
    Johnny Peebucks and the Swingin’Utters-Sounds Wrong
    The Kreellers-Johnny Don’t Go
    La MODA-Baker St.
    McGillicuddys-The Leaving Of Liverpool
    Mr. Irish Bastard-Paddys Last Tango
    Paddy’s Irish Clan-Sunny Days

  • Paddy O’Punk #87


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    Drunken Balordi
    Banshee Reel-Here we go again
    Brutus’ Daughters-Born A Girl
    Charm City Saints-Bars & Scars
    Circle J-Duel Of The Fates
    The Dirges-Union Man vs Rebel Girl
    Drunken Balordi-Up To Me
    Far From Finished-Wanna Be A Catastrophe
    Filthy Thieving Bastards-Mountain Tomb
    Big Bad Bollocks-Whiskey In Me Tea
    Whiskey Wagon-Broken Wings
    The Whisky Priests-Everybody’s Got Love Bites But Me
    The Wellits-Fort McMurray
    Street Dogs-Don’t preach to me
    Smokey Bastard-Steve The Twat
    Sir Reg-17 Coffins
    Blaggard-Battle of Vinegar Hill
    Drink Hunters-Drinking Song
    Hate Is Just A Feeling-Brothers in Arms
    Kings and Boozers-In God We Trust
    Mobtown Hooligans-6 Pints Down
    Pilsner Oiquell-Božkov

  • Paddy O’Punk #86


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    Amadan-Never 9 To 5
    The American Wake-The Drinking Jolly Roger
    Dropkick Murphys-The Dirty Glass
    Auld Corn Brigade-Boys of the Old Brigade
    The Bastard Suns-Irish Drinking Song
    The Black Tartan Clan-Scotland The Brave
    Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster
    Yesterday’s Ring-Punx Not Dead.. Its Just Sleeping
    The Tossers-Goodmornin’ Dad
    Bastards On Parade-Time To Go Out
    Flogging Molly-Swagger
    Barstool Hooligans-Vito O Leary
    Neck-Everybody’s Welcome To The Hooley
    Shane MacGowan & The Popes-The Church Of The Holy Spook
    The Cherry Coke$-Brave Sailor
    Dropkick Murphys-Finnegan’s Wake
    The Pubcrawlers-Itchy Fingers/The Wreck of The Old ’97
    Blaggards-Big Strong Man
    The Wages Of Sin-White Riot
    Rabble Rousers-Union Town
    Charm City Saints-South Australia
    Sydney City Trash-Cowboy Up!
    Between The Wars-Irish Rebel Song
    The Rumjacks-I’ll Tell Me Ma!
    Handsome Young Strangers-Thunderbolt
    The Real McKenzies-King O’ Glasgow
    Sir Reg-Arrive On St. Patrick’s Day
    Lexington Field-Selfish Bastard
    The Bloody Irish Boys-An Ode to Columbus
    Fiffin Market-Galway Bay
    The Blue Casket-The Irish Witchsbroom
    The Mahones-Down The Boozer (The Bricklayers song)
    Barleyjuice-Get Your Irish On
    Craic-Irish Rover
    Marys Lane-The Galway Girl
    Ceann-Butt Tattoo
    The Porters-Four Green Fields
    Flatfoot 56-Brotherhood
    Beantown Boozehounds-ChiTown PD Blues

  • Paddy O’Punk #85


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    The Bog Hoppers The Bog Hoppers[/caption]
    Harry Gump-Take To The Street
    In Search Of A Rose-Pirates Of Folk
    Jack Flash-Jack Flash Army
    Jolly Rogers-Calico Jack
    Kilmaine Saints-Farewell, Self Esteem
    Larkin Brigade-Mission Thrill
    The Maggie Whackers-Pim Song MaCallan
    Craic-Rattlin’ Bog
    The McGillicuddys-Glory-O
    The Bog Hoppers-Top Shelf
    The Bog Hoppers-Irish Punk Rock Hippie
    The Mighty Regis-21 Patty Finn
    Mt. Paiot’s-Dirty Town
    Mobtown Hooligans-Jack The Lad
    Mr. Irish Bastard-Paddys Last Tango
    Mutiny-Brisbane Bandits
    NeverNoodz-Weekend at Brianeen’s
    Pint Of Stout-The Giant Squid
    Pipes And Pints-Braveheart
    The Ramshackle Army-Rue the Day
    The Ruffians-Jug O Punch
    Flatfoot 56-Hoity Toity
    Belfast Muslims-Ring Of Fire
    Dropkick Murphys-Boys On The Docks

  • Paddy O’Punk #84


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    German beer steins
    The Black Tartan Clan-Beer And Woman
    Firkin-Beer Almighty
    Ceann-Whiskey Hurts My Tummy
    Fisticuffs-In Heaven There Is No Beer
    The Gobshites-Beer Song
    Joey Briggs-Bottom of a Beer
    Bastards On Parade-Whiskey You’re The Devil
    Dropkick Murphys-Blood and Whiskey
    Big Bad Bollocks-Whiskey In Me Tea
    The Bloody Irish Boys-Beer is Good, Beer is Great
    The Fucking Buckaroos-Drinking About You
    Roaring Jack-The Lass Behind The Beer Taps
    Rum Rebellion-Beer Run
    Greenland Whalefishers-Whiskey You’re The Devil
    Smzb-For Friends And Beer
    The Sorry Lot-Sex and Beer
    Swaggerin’ Growlers-Beer, Women And Song
    Tossers-Buckets Of Beer
    The Bastard Suns-Pirates Of The Whiskey Sea
    The Langer’s Ball-Rye Whiskey
    The Real Mckenzies-10,000 Shots
    Dirty Filthy Mugs-Stop Thinking And Drink
    Dust Rhinos-Jedi Drinking Song