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Paddy O’Punk #50


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Scrum Drunk Again
Street Dogs Patrick
Mutiny Never Get Caught
Jackdaw Corner Bar
Armed Suspects O’Farrells
The Shenanigans Orange Blossom Special
The Tossers Nantucket Girls Song
The Briggs The Ship Is Now Sinking
Brutus’ Daughters Empire Of Crime
Business Hang Up Your Boots
Charm City Saints My Last Goodbyes
The Clovers Misery
The Clovers Gates Of Hell
The Currency Irish Pride
The Dirges Doldrums
The Dreadnoughts Sons of Murphy
Ceann Pabst Blue Ribbon
Far From Finished One Life Time

One Response to Paddy O’Punk #50

  1. Cheers…nice podcast as usual,but this time I’d like to ask any chance to get new link for paddypunx vol.3 ’cause both old one isn’t good any more…big thanks in advance and keep goin’ with great podcast…