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  • Paddy O’Punk #98


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    New Album "Tales & Anecdotes For The Slightly Deranged" Coming 9/27/13
    New Album “Tales & Anecdotes For The Slightly Deranged” Coming 9/27/13

    American Thread-12 Ounce American Dreams
    Circle J-On These Hills
    Tossers-Buckets Of Beer
    Screw City Saints-She’s A Professional
    The Black Tartan Clan-In The Flesh
    Flogging Molly-Swagger
    The Kidney Stones-Fall of Lindisfarne
    The Kidney Stones-Drunk n’ Hungry
    Between The Wars-The Ballad of the First Fleet
    The Bloody Irish Boys-Catch Me if I Fall
    Charm City Saints-Bars and Scars
    Cropdusters-John Henry
    Filthy Thieving Bastards-Counterfeit Cassius Clay
    Greenland Whalefishers-Ramones
    Swingin’ Utters-Something Sticky
    The Pogues-Cotton Fields
    Roaring Jack-Lights Of Sydney Town
    Will Tun and the Wasters-Skank For Me
    Street Dog-sRebel Song
    The Wages Of Sin-Baptized By Fire
    Yesterday’s Ring-Qu├ębec City Blues

  • Paddy O’Punk #97


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    Pipes And Pints-City By The Sea
    The Punkabilly-sComin Home
    The Blue Casket-The Irish Witchsbroom
    The Ramshackle Army-No Rest for the Wicked
    The Nipple Erectors-So Pissed Off
    Shillaly Brothers-Too Drunk To Fight
    The Tossers-The Crutch
    Barstool Hooligans-Hey! Beer!
    The Bastard Suns-R.I.P.
    Burn Witch Burn-Citadel
    Cutthroat Shamrock-Down on My Luck
    Dropkick Murphys-In The Streets Of Boston
    Rum Rebellion-Drink with the Devil
    The Dreadnoughts-Mary The One-Eyed Prostitute ……
    The Vandon Arms-The Legend of Johnny Grey
    Hit The Bottle Boys-As I Roved Out
    Fiddler’s Green-The Night Pat Murphy Died
    The Wages Of Sin-Baptized By Fire
    Craic Haus-It Only Hurts When I Pogo
    Street Dogs-Rebel Song
    The Black Tartan Clan-White Crosses
    Charm City Saints-Tying My Own Noose
    Rudi-Time To Be Proud

  • Paddy O’Punk #96


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    Bastards on Parade-Time to go out
    An Cat Dubh-As I Roved Out
    Eileen Q-Shores Of Bantry
    Far From Finished-Plague
    Stiff Little Fingers-Alternative Ulster
    Denny’s Drive In-Danny’s Song
    The Muck Savages-Muck Savages
    Craic-Hold The Penny
    Flogging Molly-If I Ever Leave This World Alive
    Greenland Whalefishers-Punk Shanty
    Levellers-Dog Train
    The Vandon Arms-One Hell of a Night
    The McGillicuddys-Glory-O
    Mudmen-Old Black Rum
    The Narrowbacks-Tell Me Ma
    Charm City Saint-sSouth Australia
    The Fatty Farmers-21 blackjack
    The Rumjacks-Green Ginger Wine
    Blaggards-Big Strong Man

  • Paddy O’Punk #95


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    Rusty Nail
    Rusty Nail

    Banshee Ree-lFlat fish Shallow water
    Belfast Muslims-Farewell To Carlingford
    The Wages Of Sin-Drinkin’ Days
    Street Dogs-Boston Breakout
    SmzbGod -Save The Punk
    Rusty Nail-Deadbeat Daddy Docket Day
    The Roughneck Riot-Early Morning, Broken Glass
    The Ramshackle Army-The Fire Is Burning
    Rabble Rousers-I Say Union
    Mudmen-Old Black Rum
    The Mahones-Drunken Lazy Bastard
    Lexington Field-The Chemical Worker’s Song
    QR FolkRock-Get Yourself Together
    The Lagan-Guinness ‘n’ Chips
    The Kidney Stones-Zombie Love
    Joey Briggs-37 Cents
    In Search Of A Rose-Boba Fett
    Dropkick Murphys-Boys On The Docks
    Flatfoot 56-Ollie Ollie
    The Gobshites-Drinking Again

  • Paddy O’Punk #94


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    Bastards On Parade-300 Miles To Cider
    The Real McKenzies-King O’ Glasgow
    The Popes-Jukebox
    Harry Gump-By My Side
    Saints & Sinners-Pubcrawlers
    The Tossers-Terry Obradaigh
    The Fatty Farmers-21 blackjack
    Sydney City Trash-Wash Away
    Shenaniganz-Waxies dargle
    Screw City Saints-We’re All Gonna Die
    The Bastard Suns-Walk Of Life
    Beantown Boozehounds-We’ll Be Drinking
    Bleeding Hearts-Bombs of Deception
    Craic Haus-Bottle Me Up
    Filthy Thieving Bastards-Red Roses
    Flogging Molly-Kilburn High Road
    Hoist The Colors-Sail On Sweet Soul
    Radiots-Babylon Down
    The Keltics-Leaving Of Liverpool
    The Kreellers-Johnny Don’t Go
    The Mahones-Down The Boozer (The Bricklayers Song)
    The McGillicuddys-Gabrielle
    Mudmen-Old Black Rum
    No Fuego-Pots & Pans
    Paddy McHugh and the Goldminers-Comfort in the Song